PMI's personnel are project management specialists who know how to manage all aspects of a complex project, from conceptual engineering through procurement and construction, to completion and commissioning.

Our wide range of practical experience allows us to anticipate potential challenges and identify issues before they become problems.

Our team focuses on the overall picture, establishing priorities, co-ordinating activities and participants to ensure that quality projects are delivered safely, on time and within budget.

PMI's primary role is as an interface between the client and the different parties involved. We effectively liaise with and manage all the relevant parties in any project, be they consultants, engineers, contractors, financial institutions, operators or governments.

Our on-site supervision team ensures that the works are adequately planned and executed. The progress and quality of the works are closely monitored and inspected to confirm that it complies with the project requirements.

The Client is thus guaranteed that the construction works are being executed in a safe and professional manner. PMI delivers a high quality product that is completed on time and within the budget.

Our relationship with our clients is guided by professional work ethics, close co-operation and mutual trust. The project management and supervision services include:

  • Project interface and coordination with various parties
  • Identification, sourcing and management of resources
  • Site supervision and project implementation
  • Programming and planning
  • Quality control
  • Contractual support
  • Financial reporting and budget control
  • Health and safety systems implementation
PMI will provide the project management team with specific experience related to the project requirements.