Whether toll road or new port development, free trade zone or mining transport systems, PMI will transform your ideas into workable solutions, develop an overall masterplan and assess its feasibility.

Feasibility assessment and masterplanning

PMI's broad base of expertise and skill allows for a robust assessment of your project and its alternatives, whether already conceptualised or merely an idea. Our feasibility assessment will provide the client with appropriate information to facilitate informed decision making.

Our experience ensures that all aspects and phases of your development are appropriately considered and included in the overall assessment. These studies provide you with sufficient information to assess whether the project is feasible and warrants further investigation. Our understanding of global project development processes and stages will guarantee a smooth integration with subsequent phases of your development. Our studies allow for continuous assessment as the project progresses.

Financial and technical audits

We execute financial and technical audits on existing projects and facilities.By defining the strengths and weaknesses of existing installations, we advise clients on how to optimize them. Our audits offer solutions that lead to worthwhile technical and/or financial improvements.

Environmental and social impact studies

In order to inform the feasibility stage engineering and to make sound decisions, it is crucial that all environmental and socio-economic impacts are understood. PMI identifies the potential impacts of your project at an early stage. This approach ensures that impacts are appropriately addressed and mitigated, or suitable alternatives worked out at the feasibility stage.

We will expand the identified impacts into a full environmental and social impact assessment, meeting the requirements of international and governmental authorities when required. Given the iterative nature of feasibility assessments, PMI is able to tailor the approach to meet your requirements in accordance with international best practice.

Typical processes in our feasibility studies are:
  • Analysis of project requirements
  • Creation of concepts
  • Development of work method statements
  • Environmental and social impact assessments
  • Cost calculations
  • Project recommendations